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It’s a cool place, and they say it gets harder

You’re bundled up now, wait ‘til you get better

this is the best smash up yet

Great news, Smash Mouth posted a link to this on their facebook and twitter.

this is now eggfficially a Smash Mouth sanctioned remix

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I Wanna Be Sedated | The Ramones

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MILEY CYRUS -4x4 feat nelly   *———-*

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All-girl barber shop quartet nails it!

Reblogging again just to emphasize: These ladies are singing an extreeeeemely complex arrangement, and their intonation and tempo is so clean it shines. I just. Can’t. Stop. Watching it.

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25 instrumental tracks that make me unreasonably emotional aka i just really freaking love film scores

+ listen +

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Britney Spears - Toxic (Alternate Version With A New Intro/Vocals)

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aggressively throws cabin pressure theme music at tumblr

Aggressively loves the aggressively thrown cabin pressure theme music.

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Fear and Loathing on Long Island | Latterman

I know we’ll be okay one of these fuckin days.
But I know, and I know,
There will be those up and downs no matter where we go.

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what the fuck

this is the scariest shit i’ve ever seen in my life

This is so cool. Eat Otomo Yoshihide’s heart out.

I’m used to associating this sort of heavy creepy distortion type audio as being achieved by internal studio mixing. Picking sections, warping them, reversing, repeating, all that sort of thing done with the board tools and programming suites. I didn’t stop to think that the same sort of effects could be achieved PHYSICALLY by fucking with the playback tools and the storage mediums themelves. It’s incredibly clever, especially when they introduce the cut-apart and reconstructed vinyl platters, it becomes the audio equivalent of cut-paste collaging or magnetic poetry. It takes something as ethereal and insubstantial as music, and makes it as tangible as sculpture.


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